Malone Auto Racks

New Stacker Block, Sure to Relieve Loading Headaches

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

If you’ve ever tried using a stacker carrier to help transport your kayak(s), you are more than aware of some of the hassles which come with this primitive style of carrier.  Not only do boats tend to slip while being strapped down, but there’s generally no protection between your favorite boat and the cross bar.

Well friends, fret no more!  We here at Malone have empathize with your situation and have developed the missing piece to puzzle. Our new Stacker blocks are designed specifically to help keep your kayak(s) stable while securing them to the stacker, while at the same time protecting your boat from those metal cross bars.

Be the first in your paddling party to give these a try!

Along with being sold individually, these gems come with every set of our new StaxPro carriers,

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