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Telos Load Assist MPG351


Telos™ Lift Assist MPG351

Side Mount Kayak Loader

The Telos Lift Assist provides a safe and simple way to load a kayak into J-style carriers from the side of the vehicle. Using the "quick release" hardware, this system can be installed in seconds.

Works with the DownLoader, J-Loader and AutoLoader carriers.


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Stinger Load Module MPG350


Stinger™ Load Module MPG350

Bottom Down Kayak Loader

The Stinger Load Module integrates with your existing SeaWing carrier to create an great carrier/loader combination. The conversion takes just minutes to install. Protect your boat and your vehicle while eliminating the stress of boat loading.


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Seawing Stinger Combo MPG113


Seawing™ Stinger Combo MPG113

Carrier with attached Self-Loading System

Simplify the kayak transport process with this integrated carrier / loader system.

The SeaWing Stinger SS Combo combines our wing style saddles with a modular loader that extends nearly 22" to protect your vehicle and safely load the kayak.


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Universal Lift Assist


K-Rack™ MPG353, MPG354

Universal Lift Assist

Introducing the all new K-Rack™, a lift assist system that installs in seconds and anyone can use. Fits nearly any type of canoe or kayak and works great on sedans, hatchbacks, SUV's and vans. Available in 1 Pack (MPG353) or 2 Pack (MPG354) cartons.

1 Pack MPG353


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2 Pack MPG354


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