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Malone provides a complete line of affordable stand up paddle and surf board carriers for nearly all vehicle rooftop applications and customer budgets.



Maui-2™ MPG119M

Two Board Universal Fit Saddle System

Mount these low profile saddles to your square, round or factory oval load bars. Each saddle features a flexible yet incredibly strong high grip surface that safely holds any board in place during transport.

Each set of carriers include two 22" foam spacer blocks to place between the boards to avoid abrasion or damage.

Comes with two lengths of mounting bolts with T-knobs and 12' cam style load straps.


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HandiRack™ MPG452

Inflatable Roof Racks

This is the perfect solution if you don't have load bars on your vehicle but need to get your board to the water.

The HandiRack offers all the benefits of traditional roof racks with none of the disadvantages. Quickly, installs without tools to transport surfboards and stand up paddle boards.

Conveniently stores in the trunk when not in use. Great for transporting extra gear with a rental vehicle.


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Light Duty Inflatable Roof Rack


HR20™ MPG453

Light Duty Inflatable Roof Rack

A scaled down version of the HandiRack, the HR20™ is designed with a single bladder that can support a maximum capacity of 45 lb. This makes it the perfect system for SUP and surfboards.

Features include two D-ring anchor points; two heavy duty load straps; double action 1000cc air pump and a convenient nylon tote bag.

As with the HandiRack, we recommend that vehicles fitted with side curtain air bags are not suitable for use with the HR20.


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Deluxe SUP Kit MPG171

Two Board Deluxe Foam Kit

This easy to use kit features high capacity 24" profiled foam blocks that can transport nearly any style of stand up paddle board or surfboard.

Can be installed on vehicles with a bare roof, or, will fit over any round, square or factory oval load bars.

Includes two 22" foam spacers for safely stacking two boards and all required block and load straps for a safe and secure transport.


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Rack Pads


Rack Pads MPG313, MPG314, MPG315

Economic Board Transport

Rack Pads are a quick and easy way to safely transport your surfboard or stand-up paddle board.

Constructed of a high grade EVA foam with a water-resistant nylon sleeve to protect against moisture and sun exposure.

Available in 18", 25" and 30" lengths. Features double shock cords and Hook & Loop closures to keep the pads securely in place.

18" Rack Pads MPG313 - $19.95

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25" Rack Pads MPG314 - $24.95

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30" Rack Pads MPG315 - $29.95

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