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Bottom-down kayak carriers are easier to use for smaller paddlers, or, for those with taller vehicles. The kayak is loaded from the rear of the vehicle which only requires lifting the front of the kayak, and then, pushing the rear up into place. There is no time when the entire weight of the kayak has to be lifted up to, or, from the vehicle to load or unload.




Complete Carrier / Loader Package

Combing one of the most universal fitting kayak carriers with the easiest to use retractable loading system has made the SS Combo our leading "bottom down" transport system.

These wing style carriers fit nearly all center keel kayak profiles. The Stinger Loading system permanently attaches to the rear carrier and can extend as much as 22" to align & load the kayak.

Fits round, square and factory oval load bars. Offered with a lifetime warranty, tie-downs and load straps for one kayak.


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SaddleUp Pro™ MPG110MD

Four Piece Saddle Style Kayak Carriers

Transporting large kayaks has never been easier. The SaddleUp Pro has two high grip front saddles for stability and two felt top rear saddles that allow the kayak to easily slide into position.

These injection molded carriers are fully corrosion resistant and will safely transport any type or style of kayak.

Includes everything needed to transport one kayak.


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SeaWing™ MPG107MD

Universal Fit Kayak Carriers

This wing designed saddle system eliminates time consuming set-up and provides a safe and simple carrier for nearly all types of kayaks.

The unique mid-point mounting system delivers more roof top space than any other bottom down carrier and makes it possible to load two kayaks on most smaller vehicles.

These carriers include universal mounting hardware, 12' cam style load straps and 10' safety tie-downs.


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